Salmon Roasted in Butter with Dill Carrots and Arugula Salad



Tonight for dinner, we had wild caught Atlantic Salmon, the rest of our Arugula salad from last night, Sweetie Drops (a tiny pickled pepper that we got addicted to at the Melting Pot, and found at a local market this weekend), and matchstick carrots.

One part of dinner tonight was pretty fun. I was scrambling to think of what we could eat with the salmon; my roommate (our best friend lives with us and she’s awesome) cooked the fish so that as I walked in the door from work, BAM. I could hear it sizzling. But what to eat with it?

It used to be easy to find side dishes. Potatoes were plentiful and lots of other delicious, carby sides choked the grocery store in brightly colored boxes. Why make an effort, when a box of Stove Top is $2.50 and goes down like comfort food?

So this part has been a challenge. Unfortunately for the Big D, I have an ace up my sleeve:

The Flavor Bible.

Every crusader needs a Good Book, right? This book is the tits. You look up what you’ve got – say, a delicious filet of salmon that needs a dance partner – and find all the flavors that chemically, scientifically, lovingly pair with that item. So, I looked up salmon, and found my answer: carrots.

These are matchstick cut for a salad, but I thought if I just sauteed them for a minute just so they were hot and crunchy, they’d taste pretty good. I used about a teaspoon of olive oil, tossed the carrots in a hot pan for about three minutes, and then at the end sprinkled them liberally with dill, a teaspoon of butter, and a squirt of lemon.

The Book did not lead me astray. I got a couple bites of carrot and salmon together, and it was so delicious. The salmon recipe is definitely a keeper. We used less butter than the New York Times did; my Educator told me not to sweat using small amounts of ‘real’ fats, so I don’t. But if you have cholesterol problems or need to avoid real butter for any reason, you could try using whatever your substitute is. It really is good with the butter, though, even just a little bit.

I’ve never been an enormous salmon fan, but this preparation definitely made me a convert. I think it made a difference that the filet was wild-caught and obviously very fresh; it didn’t have even a hint of a ‘fishy’ taste.

So again, I say: YUM.

Idea: the carrots would also be pretty delicious as a stand alone salad with a dill, champagne vinegar, and olive oil spritz. I bet it would taste like pickled carrots. Guess we’ll have to find out!

Salmon Roasted in Butter


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